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Formed digital platform

Formed is a website featuring Catholic content such as ebooks, Bible studies, children's content,  movies, MP3s, Spanish content and more. All of this content is produced by Augustine Institute and offers some the best Catholic digital content available, and the best part – it’s FREE for OLG parishioners. 

Formed frequently changes its content and provides relevant information for Advent, Lent and saint feast days – check it out! If you want to learn about the Catholic faith, have a Catholic question or want some family-friendly entertainment, this is the sight for you. is highly recommended for anyone who desires to get closer to God and learn more about the Catholic faith. It's the recommended place to find exciting, current, educational Catholic content!

Already a FORMED member?

Please update your subscription by clicking the image to continue your FREE membership with the new and improved version of FORMED. 

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Be sure to register for your FREE subscription. After you register you will have instant access to the videos, ebooks, seminars and more that are all a part of! We hope you enjoy this enriching free gift!

FORMED is now also available in Spanish! Click the button to learn more.

Signing up for FORMED is easy. As a parishioner of OLG, you have instant access.The steps to sign up are outlined below.


Please click this link to register for this amazing platform.

  • Click our registration button above.

  • Arrive at "Create a New Account" 

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  • Type in DOYLESTOWN, PA

    • or Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

    • or our parish code XAP8NB

  • Then select "Our Lady of Guadalupe Church"

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  • You will see our parish address listed

  • Click "NEXT"

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  • Fill in your name

  • Fill in your email address

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  • Then click "Sign up" and you're in!

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Signing up for FORMED is easy.

As a parishioner of OLG, you have instant access.

Formed sign-up
FORMED member update


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WHAT CAN you DO with the formed app?
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Have you checked out the brand new FORMED apps yet? 


From mobile to smart TVs, it’s never been easier to enjoy incredible Catholic content! Have a movie night, start a small group study, or enjoy anywhere on your mobile device.

Download your favorite apps and grow in your faith. 

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